Hi, my name is Ivailo Ivanov, and I am from Bulgaria and I am a car enthusiast.

I gained my driver’s license in 2003, and my first car was a Lada 2105.

My first own car was a Peugeot 205 Cabrio. The car was a wonderful machine, but terribly under-powered. A few years in and I had discovered the 205gtidrivers.com forum and I was consuming all the info and pictures like a sponge. Not long after, I purchased a 1.6 fuel injected engine and took on the task of implanting it in the poor 1.1 cabriolet. Besides the engine I had to also transfer the complete front and rear suspension from a GTI, the brakes, the instrument cluster, oh and the electronics didn’t work properly, so I ran it with a Megasquirt V3 ECU.

If I had known what I know now, I would have sold the car and purchased a GTI version right-away, but I was young and enthusiastic.

All this hard work made me want more however, so I purchased a 1.6 GTI and began preparing it for the national hill-climb and track races. Soon, mainly due to the lack of aftermarket parts for the 8-valve 1.6 XU engine I moved on to the Mi16 engine, which was by then the standard engine to put into a 205 GTI.

Years went by, and car racing became too time consuming for me. In the meantime, I drove a Mitsubishi Pajero II 2.8TD, which had received some additional boost thanks to a bleed valve I promptly installed. This SUV was one of the best cars I had ever had – reliable, comfortable…and slow. It was terribly under-powered, even in the tuned form.

It didn’t take me too much time to jump on a BMW E46 330d (M57TUD) with sports suspension. This really was the ultimate driving machine – the car ran like a stink, stopped and steered beautifully. Due to its high mileage though, it had lots of issues and was constantly breaking down. As I already had a kid, I jumped on a 2006 Subaru Outback 3.0 H6. Although newer than the BMW, this car had lots of downgrades compared to the BMW – it didn’t stop well, it didn’t steer well, the interior was worse (no automatic power windows – wtf Subaru?!), but it was RELIABLE. In the five years I’ve had this car, I haven’t had a single engine or transmission issue!